Ryder Szocsi
Full Name Ryder Dylan Szocsi
Gender Male
Age 14-15 (season one)
Date of Birth 28 May 2000
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Family Kristóf Szocsi (father)
Maya Szocsi (mother)
Jason Szocsi (brother)
Robert Szocsi (brother)
Taylor Szocsi (sister)
Friends Mike Betson
First Episode Hide and Go Reek
Portrayed By Luke Benward

Ryder Dylan Szocsi is a main character in the series The Teenagers. He made his first appearance in Hide and Go Reek.

Ryder is portrayed by American actor Luke Benward.


Ryder was born to an American mother and Hungarian father. As a young child, he had a very normal life and participated in normal things little kids would do. In middle school, he discovered the joy of football, and instantly loved it. He joined the team and it instantly made him popular with everyone. However, also in middle school he discovered he was gay. He wants to come out and tell everybody, but he's afraid of what people will think of him. Basically he's stuck between two things, not being happy with himself but accepted by others, or being proud of himself but possibly targeted by others.


Ryder is a very outgoing and bright kid. He gets along with everyone, does well in school, and is very well-rounded. He's known for being one of the friendliest people in school and is always willing to lend a hand, even to a stranger. However, he's very afraid of what people think of him and because of this tends to take the position of a follower rather than a leader.


Ryder has longish dirty blonde hair and emerald green eyes. His skin is a fair color and he stands at 5'7". His normal outfits consist of graphic tees, skinny jeans, and sneakers.


Season OneEdit


  • He is of Hungarian, Irish, and German descent.