Mike Betson
Full Name Michael Abraham Betson
Gender Male
Age 14-15 (season one)
Date of Birth 3 January 2000
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Family Dick Betson (father)
Anous Tremaine (mother)
Friends Ryder Szocsi
First Episode Hide and Go Reek
Portrayed By James Maslow

Michael Abraham "Mike" Betson is a main character in the series The Teenagers. He made his first appearance in Hide and Go Reek.

Mike is portrayed by American actor James Maslow.


Mike is the golden child. He has it all. He has the grades, the girls, the looks. On top of that he is the star quarterback, with a scholarship to any school in the country. What people don't know is that he has a dark secret. His mother left him and his father is a raging alcoholic that only uses him because he wants him to make millions if he goes pro in football. His father beats him until he bleeds. He has scars all over his body, and cries himself to sleep at night. He doesn't want anyone to know, so he puts on this pretty smile, and acts like nothing is wrong. He thinks if anyone finds out, then they will think less of him.


Mike is a nice guy who's liked by many in school. Despite being very popular, he has a shy and vulnerable side that he hides from public view. Mike is very oblivious to somethings, yet is extremely book smart.


Mike has long brown hair and brown eyes. He is very tall, standing at 6'1" and has a fair skin tone. He typically wears sports-oriented clothes.


Season OneEdit


  • He is the only Jewish main character.
  • He is of French-Jewish descent on his mother's side and Italian and Irish descent on his father's side.