Luke Campanelli
Full Name Luca Antonio Campanelli
Gender Male
Age 14-15 (season one)
Date of Birth 10 February 2000
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Family Teofilo Campanelli (father)
Noemi Campanelli (mother)
Paola Campanelli (sister)
Friends Hannah (deceased)
First Episode Hide and Go Reek
Portrayed By Luke Pasqualino

Luca Antonio "Luke" Campanelli is a main character in the series The Teenagers. He made his first appearance in Hide and Go Reek.

Luke is portrayed by English actor Luke Pasqualino.


As soon as Luke was born he was different than the other kids. He hated socializing and had no friends throughout the first few years of school. But in 3rd grade he met a girl who understood him, her name was Hannah. Hannah and Luke were best friends for years until 7th grade. Hannah was in a car accident and passed away. Luke was devastated. After beginning to become more "normal" and associating with the other kids more, he started taking steps in the opposite direction and barely even spoke. In addition to this, he was introduced to drugs. And drugs still affect him today, to the point where if he doesn't get help, he might end up dying too, something he isn't really scared of.


Luke is an enigma to his classmates. He's the type of person to lurk in the shadows until he's needed, when he makes only one wise comment. Many girls in school are intrigued with him, but he has no interest and would rather spend time alone smoking weed in his basement than having friends.


Luke has longish straight dark brown hair and chestnut colored eyes. He has tan skin and is rather tall standing at 6'. Most of his outfits consist of skater shorts, graphic tees, sweatshirts, skinny jeans, and canvas sneakers.


Season OneEdit


  • He is of Italian descent.
  • His birth name is Luca.