Danielle Montgomery
Full Name Danielle Victoria Montgomery
Gender Female
Age 14-15 (season one)
Date of Birth 5 June 2000
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Family Matthew Montgomery (father)
Celina Gorski-Montgomery (mother)
First Episode Hide and Go Reek
Portrayed By Sarah Michelle Gellar

Danielle Victoria Montgomery is a main character in the series The Teenagers. She made her first appearance in Hide and Go Reek.

Danielle is portrayed by American actress Sarah Michelle Gellar.


Danielle is one of the few students who's described as the crop of the field. She's smart, talented, and somewhat popular. After her two best friends left her in the dust, she's had to learn how to navigate life differently: she's no longer part of a greater group, and she finds herself alone wherever she goes. But there is one thing that she does have, and it's her writing. Danielle gets picked on for writing because it's so "cliché" and guys won't date her because she's considered a pariah in the social group after her fall out. Danielle is counting down the days until she's out of their school and somewhere bigger, broader, and less dramatic. Danielle's just trying to find new, dependable friends and learn to enjoy her own company, but will there be a slip or two on her journey?


Danielle can sometimes come off as arrogant, snooty, or stuck-up to others, but this is actually far from the truth. She's an ambitious and imaginative girl who knows what she wants in life. While at times she can be moody or impulsive, she's still a good friend who fights for what she believes in.


Danielle has long straight blonde hair and green-grey eyes. Her skin is a fair color and she stands at 5'5". Her outfits are normally conservative, consisting of blouses, nice skirts, skinny jeans, and flats. She typically wears minimal and sometimes no makeup.


Season OneEdit


  • She is of Irish, English, German, and Polish descent.